23 May 2018


{i'm lucky because i grew up believing i could do anything... become anything... my gender was never used to limit my thinking... to decide what i could achieve, dream, do... i gardened with my dad... played soccer/cricket/darts/swam in dams/rode horses/ climbed trees/ dreamed of becoming a vet, an artist, a tennis player, a doctor... and when i became a doctor and then decided that it wasn't what i wanted to be, not once did my parents constrain me by their dreams/ideals/ideas... they have always supported me in whatever i have attempted...  i'm so lucky that i never had parents who told me that i couldn't because i'm a girl... i would like to give my girls the same gift.. the gift of dreaming... the gift of believing that they can do whatever they want even if they are girls...}

08 March 2018

Into The Wilds...

 {long-tailed paradise whydah bird}
{wild dagga}


{one sunday in February, we explored a beautiful public park in Johannesburg... aptly named The Wilds...}

04 March 2018

My Big Girls

{Gemma & Jamie started Grade 1 this January! they were completely settled in from the first day!}

{lately, Jamie has been loving Daddy's ties...}

{always creating...}